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Armenian Association of Actuaries

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The organization missions and objectives

  Armenian Association of Actuaries has to become an educational and professional organization which will serve to the members of Armenian Society.



      According to the vision of the organization there should be several members who must estimate and manage financial sector risks.



   The mission of the organization is to develop actuarial sciences and to raise the abilities of actuaries giving them professional advices and solutions to their further financial, initiative and social problems. So the organization is the representative of the actuaries and as a representative it has to socialize the actuarial profession, make it more authoritative, to raise its members’ recognition not only in Armenia, but in the other countries too, to support to form high professional characteristics, to build high educational primary standards, to make analyses with foreign specialists, to succour actuaries in their professional development and unfolding, to activate co-working with other financial organizations, to elaborate normative legislation field for standardization of actuarial activities.

The organization is going to integrate into international actuarial field by co-working with foreign actuarial associations. The team-work will include membership inn international actuarial associations and specialists’ exchange.

 One of the highest objectives of the association is to make Armenia actuarial education, analyses, and activity regional center.



  The Association must support actuaries with information and analyses, represent professional interests of its members, defend their interests state, social, commercial fields and in international actuarial associations. It must have a team-work with institutes of higher education, which provide actuarial education. The team-work must be based on educational systems improvement, on primary qualification standards, formation of a  qualified lecturer-personnel, training lecturers for a better qualification, creating a connecting link between the institutes of higher education and the employers, helping students in educational, professional and other spheres, providing help for making an actuarial post-educational school. The Associations has to encourage actuarial studies in institutes of higher education and other study-centers, it has to support actuaries in their professional development and make actuarial qualification trainings. It has to draw up and bring in the professional actuarial ethics to construct reliability for the actuarial profession and actuarial projects. Another problem is to frame seminars and discussions with pension, insurance and other organizations on the actuarial analyses and activities. The Association also has to aid in the construction of actuarial activities law which will correspond to the international standards. It has to connect to the actuarial associations in other countries, organize meetings, to have experience and professionals exchange, membership in international actuarial associations.

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